41 pulgadas Guitarra Folk 6 de Cadena Eléctrico de la Guitarra Acústica de Abeto Guitarra Diapasón de Palisandro Crack de la Guitarra de Recogida Concierto AGT152



$207 143 $145 001

41 pulgadas guitarra folk 6 de cadena eléctrico de la guitarra acústica de abeto guitarra diapasón de palisandro crack de la guitarra de concierto de recogida

Características: Guitarra Acústica

Especificaciones: 41 pulgadas

Material del Panel: Abeto

La placa posterior material: caucho de nuevo

Diapasón Material: Palisandro

Enrollador: Off

Grado: 21

Aplicable escena: concierto

Recogida: Activo de recogida

Color: negro, madera, puesta de sol, azul

  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Especificaciones: 41 pulgadas
  • Cadena Enrollador: Semi-cerrado Perilla
  • Aplicable escena: concierto
  • Arco De Material: catalpa de madera
  • Adecuado para: Unisex
  • Recogida: Iniciativa Adapterization
  • Material Del Cuerpo De La: Picea Asperata
  • El Tono De La Posición: 21
  • Tipo de: Guitarra acústica
  • Atrás / Material De La Parte: Picea Asperata
  • Número De Modelo: AGT152
  • Diapasón De Material: Palo de rosa

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Гитара пришла барабан весь сломан обещали заменить другой
guitar came broken, it has been a hassle getting my refund, taking forever
Nina Ivonteva
I never leave feedback's but this one is worth it , I have 5 guitar , and I have to say this one is of a kind , just a beauti ,
Ku Klux Klan69
OK this is the second of these Carbon Fiber Guitars that I have purchased from this seller and I may well be buying a third in the near future. Now I am not going to sugar coat the fact that shipping does take a long time - so plan on at least 30-45 day from the time you put in your order. So while I gave this seller 5 stars on shipping it is because I knew it was going to take that long and I was prepared for that. The Guitar was packaged very well and protected perfectly. No dings no scratches no marks of any kind. The workmanship is fantastic. The fret board is beautiful and the binding is gorgeous. The Guitar is put together flawlessly. The sound is superb whether plugged or unplugged the sound output is awesome. I am not sure what the brand of electronics used in the Guitar are - but it sounds fantastic. I recommend these Guitars and this seller and as I said I will be buying more Guitars from this seller in the future!!
Pretty Princess Hannah
The guitar came broken, cracked neck, on the flask part everything is dead, the cover is torn. possible during transportation?